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Who We Work With... And Why They Work With Us

In 2014 Darren Eagle took over as the Head Of Sales and Marketing for the fastest growing accounting firm in Australasia. Over a 2 year period RightWay grew by 400% and went from 18 staff to 85 and won Xero Practice Of The Year in 2015.

Darren left in 2016 and moved to Australia where he started helping other accountants with his long time friend and mentor Richard Petrie.

The focus in 2016 was on lead generation for accountants... But we soon learned that this was not the biggest problem facing accountants at all.

We learned that accountants were constantly being challenged on fees and were crying out for more higher value clients.

The trouble was... most accountants thought that high value clients translated to winning more clients.

It doesn't.

After working with over 150 accounting firms around Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the USA we found the problem started at the very first meeting with most clients. It was too transactional, the clients tended to dominate the meetings and dictate what level of service and therefore what "fee" they would be agreeing too.

Accountants we spoke with had no formal process for converting clients away from basic compliance and as such used a traditional low value process that delivered predominantly low value clients.

So we worked with our members to help them devise a system that was designed specifically for accountants to help them deliver a high value process that inspired even the cheapest clients into taking higher fee packages that otherwise would have been rejected.

It's called the Petrie Method™ and it is the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to ensure you only work with high value clients.

The Petrie Method™ is not a one hit wonder... it is a genuinely ethical and non salesy process designed and. built specifically for accountants like you.

Our confidence with this system is so rock solid we don't take full payment for it until it has paid for itself twice over!

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"Initially, 'time' was all I was selling and I was not necessarily charging for. I wasn’t invested in my own success! Now Value is what I am selling and charging what it’s worth to my clients who I would literally go to the ends of the earth for....I am emotionally invested in their success, it makes sense that they should be invested in my success.

My business has subsequently doubled since implementing the Petrie Method™ (That's a 15x ROI)." 

Winnie Whately - Whately Accounting


52 Short Powerful Scripts That Flip Price Focused Clients From Fees To Value In Seconds... This Fee Objection Bible Contains Miracles On Every Page!

The Ultimate Fee Objection ‘Bible’ is for you, if you're...

  • Tired of having to constantly justify your pricing
  • Feeling like you are undervalued and overworked
  • Sick of being compared to the accountant down the road
  • Getting clients out of serious trouble... only to find they never pay for it
  • Nervous and anxious when delivering a proposal or discussing fees

The Ultimate Fee Objection ‘Bible’ will help you... 

  • Win premium value clients who see you as the only accountant for them (Budget fee hunters who consume your energy and time will run for the door)
  • Overcome objections like a seasoned pro and leave your clients feeling like they are getting great value for their spend
  • Be confidently prepared for any objection and ensure you have the perfect response when challenged
  • Increase conversion rates and your average fee value... without losing great clients
  • Turn high maintenance ungrateful fee sensitive clients into worshipping referral generators

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