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  • Increase Profits
  • Create Happier Clients
  • Reduce Workload
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Dear overworked and underpaid accountant,

Does this sound like you?

Your low value clients are draining. They demand more from you. They want to pay less. They fail to get information to you when you need it.

Then get annoyed when you don’t do the work immediately. Or get precious about the invoice, not realising you have gone back and forth for weeks - wasting valuable time.

They abuse you. They try to convince you to operate in the “Grey Area” and then threaten to leave when they don’t get what they want

They tell you they just want basic compliance (because they have Xero and do their own reconciliation which is usually always wrong), yet they persist in asking you for extras anyway.

Leaving you to tidy it up... for free

You are scared to charge them for the extra work, so you hide behind excuses that they are a “good client”. Then discount heavily or not charge at all. You secretly wish they would leave and find another accountant

You end up joining private accounting groups. Only to get validation that “ALL” clients are price sensitive. That small business owners will not pay for advisory. You poison your own mind that you are a commodity.

So, you price at industry rates or thereabouts, despite promoting yourself as an Accountant & adviser. Yet you know advisers (who are not accountants) charge well over $15k a year for helping clients, but your average fee is less than $5k.

You are working harder. Finding ways to be more efficient to get work done quicker. But even implementing new digital technology just creates more work as you bring yourself, clients and staff up to speed

You desperately want more high value clients. But you never have time to find them. So, what should you do when you have no time to find new, high value clients...and you desperately want to free yourself from the clutches of the low value clients that give you nothing but grief? 

You should sign up for our 90 minute training webinar - IMMEDIATELY.

We’ll show you exactly how to find and win 5 new high value clients every month and how you double your firm year on year, until you hit that income level you secretly dream-about…

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Plus, when you join us for the webinar, you will also receive a FREE copy of our 24 page PDF, ‘The Ultimate Fee Objection Bible’ with 53 proven responses to overcome price objections (more details on the The Ultimate Fee Objection Bible below).

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"Initially, 'time' was all I was selling and I was not necessarily charging for. I wasn’t invested in my own success! Now Value is what I am selling and charging what it’s worth to my clients who I would literally go to the ends of the earth for....I am emotionally invested in their success, it makes sense that they should be invested in my success.

My business has subsequently doubled since implementing the Petrie Method™ (That's a 15x ROI)." 

Winnie Whately - Whately Accounting


52 Short Powerful Scripts That Flip Price Focused Clients From Fees To Value In Seconds... This Fee Objection Bible Contains Miracles On Every Page!

The Ultimate Fee Objection ‘Bible’ is for you, if you're...

  • Tired of having to constantly justify your pricing
  • Feeling like you are undervalued and overworked
  • Sick of being compared to the accountant down the road
  • Getting clients out of serious trouble... only to find they never pay for it
  • Nervous and anxious when delivering a proposal or discussing fees

The Ultimate Fee Objection ‘Bible’ will help you... 

  • Win premium value clients who see you as the only accountant for them (Budget fee hunters who consume your energy and time will run for the door)
  • Overcome objections like a seasoned pro and leave your clients feeling like they are getting great value for their spend
  • Be confidently prepared for any objection and ensure you have the perfect response when challenged
  • Increase conversion rates and your average fee value... without losing great clients
  • Turn high maintenance ungrateful fee sensitive clients into worshipping referral generators

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